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Date: 08/04/2010

Retirement wishes to Alan as Al's Pet Supplies Owner Retires.

After being the face (as well as the owner) of Al's Pet Supplies in Lincoln Central Market for many years, Alan will be retiring tomorrow and we will all miss him very much though we hope to see him in the market visiting occassionally!

So at the end of Friday 9th April 2010 Al's Pet Supplies will be closing.

However fear not as on the Saturday, 10th April 2010, the Pet stall shall open as usual though this time it will be opened by Eunice (whom some will recognise as she has worked there on Saturdays occassionally) and trade as 2 by 2 Pet Supplies.

We look forward to offering a warm welcome to Eunice and say a fond farewell to Alan (and nominally Janet) and hope they all enjoy the time doing new things.

Date: 12/03/2010

Think Local Not Amazon - but to help we'll try to match Amazon prices!





Just to let you all know - we are putting up a sign in Unicorn Tree Books saying:

We Will Try to Match Amazon's Prices on Bulk Orders so Please think of us first and support your Local Indie Shop.

You can also support us online too - www.lincolnbookshop.co.uk & www.lincolnchristianbookshop.co.uk - where you will get Amazon prices everytime,

So please bookmark these sites and use them for your purchases - Every little bit helps :0)

Date: 20/11/2009

Pudsey Bear Day aka Children In Need Appeal - Friday 20th November! Dressing up time in the Market!
Pudsey Bear Day Cometh -We in Unicorn Tree Books are thinking Nursery Crimes, oops! I mean Nursery Rhymes as the days theme in the shop!
It's Literary and as were a book & craft shop it just makes sense! Fun and adventures will abound!
All the staff will be dressing up as Nursery Rhyme characters (guess who we are and make a donation if you are wrong & we'll make one if you are right!).
There will be make & take and craft lesson sessions for a donation to the pudsey appeal for children in need, and no I'm not thinking of Mrs Hubbards GrandKids or that Shoe Ladies kids, though you know their cupboards are bare and it's a tight squeeze for a family living in something the size of a shoe!!
Nursery Rhymes really tell some social stories and for a donation we'll even tell you some tall tales and stories too!
What do you think, sound like fun? well then spread the word around and don't forget to come on down on the 20th November.
Other stalls will also be taking part now! Julie on Sylvia's Shoes will be dressing up as Minnie Mouse!!
Check it out and see who else is all up for fun and whose an old stick in the mud!! :0)

Date: 30/10/2009

Author Barrie Mahoney Reading & Signing His New Book
'Journeys and Jigsaws' Book 1 From Teacher to Drag Queen


Venue: Unicorn Tree Books, 35- 40 Central Market, Sincil Street, Lincoln. LN5 7ET

Time & Date: Friday 30th October. 12noon - 2PM.



The novel is focused on a small primary school in a rural area and explores the issues faced by gay professionals in such rural communities and the prejudices and obstacles that they need to overcome to fulfill their jobs. The book deals with serious issues, but it is very amusing and readers have commented that they "laughed out loud" and the book is available from Gardners.

Barrie was born in Holbeach and later attended Spalding Grammar School. He later worked as a primary school inspector in England and Wales and inspected many schools in Lincolnshire.

Barrie was delighted to be interviewed about his book on the Judy Theobald morning show on BBC Radio Lincolnshire and is also pleased that the Lincolnshire Free Press is reviewing his book in an article in their next edition.


Unicorn Tree Books - Lincolns Niche Market Book Specialists & Lincoln's year round LGBT Book & Dvd Stockists are proud to host this event and hope this may be the first of more LGBT Author & Book events to come!


For more info Contact: Melanie Carroll. Email: unicorntreebooks@aol.com Tel: 01522 525557


Date: 18/08/2009

Unicorn Tree Books is to host a wonderful author event in September.
Fantastic Children's Author, Sue Hampton, will be signing copies of her wonderful new Childrens Novel, 'The Lincoln Imp' on  Saturday 19th September - this will be an all day event from 9:30 -3:30 with plenty of time to talk to Sue and discuss the Lincoln Imp! Copies of the book can be purchased in advance but to be signed must have a valid store reciept from Unicorn Tree Books with them, alternatively copies will be available to purchase on the day.

This is also 'International Talk Like A Pirate Day' and so me hearties there will be much fun in store as well for all ye landlubbers and sea urchins that come down to the pirate accord at Unicorn Tree Books that day.

Date: 11/08/2009

As had been advertised to Traders The Lincoln NMTF Branch AGM was held at 4:30PM at Lincoln City Hall with NMTF National President Faye Quigley in attendence. The Standing Branch Committee all stood down and no new committee was elected in it's place. Under NMTF National Rules there are 14 days from this date to rectify this or the Branch becomes non-formed.

Should this happen then a new branch may be formed by a group of not less than 12 NMTF Members standing that Market requesting the formation of a Branch and head office attending and ratifying that request at a formal meeting of the 12 and any other NMTF members of that Market as may be interested.

Date: 01/08/2009

Unicorn Tree Books (Inc. Al's Arts & Crafty Bits) have now officially launched the Church & Community Group Partnership Scheme!
So if you have a church or group we would like to help you earn revenue by becoming an affiliate partner of Unicorn Tree Books & Crafts!
(That's right an affiliate scheme thats not cyber based but is in a real shop with real people!! though of course you can still twitter or facebook your orders and enquiries to us!)
This is a real opportunity for working together to build community by supporting each other! More proof if needed that we are Working with you and for You!

The basic idea is that Churches and Community Groups (this also includes schools, clubs or any community, church or group based initiative) sign up with us as a Partner, Once signed up you promote us to all your church/group members and then everytime they come into the shop and make a purchase, providing they let us know they are part of your partnership, you get a percentage of that sale held in credit for your church/community group!

That's right - they buy, you spend!
It cost's your collective members nothing extra,
it costs you nothing but a bit of time, word of mouth and/or print promoting the service and our shop to your collective members (and anyone else you know who may benefit from the Scheme please!),
in fact the only one it's costing is us as we give away a percentage of our income to you!
We think this is worth it as we are helping you and we hope building community at the same time - and yes we do not deny we hope it helps us too by increasing the outreach of our shop too!

We will be hoping to run special partnership events and offers as time progresses as well.

So whats the catch?
Your collective partnership have to buy up to £250 worth of goods in the course of the year, now even if your group only has 10 people in it (and remember you can get them to recruit their friends and family for your aims as well - it's a viral charity thing!!) then that's only a total spend for each of them of £25.00 in a year!
Given everything we sell - books, jigsaws, arts & craft supplies, gifts, music, cards, dvd's, stationary & lots more - thats not really going to be that hard is it!

So please do contact us to sign up & please do spread the word around about the Scheme - it's open to any Church and Community Group and also to pretty much any other group, club or network too!

Date: 21/07/2009

Unicorn Tree Books is to host a wonderful author event in September.
Fantastic Children's Author, Sue Hampton, will be signing copies of her wonderful new Childrens Novel, 'The Lincoln Imp' on  Saturday 18th September - this will be an all day event from 9:30 -3:30 with plenty of time to talk to Sue and discuss the Lincoln Imp! Copies of the book can be purchased in advance but to be signed must have a valid store reciept from Unicorn Tree Books with them, alternatively copies will be available to purchase on the day.

Date: 18/07/2009

Lincoln Central Market was mentioned twice this week in the Lincoln Echo! Once in a discussion about the abolition of 1p pieces and the other in an article on the Clock in Central Market!
For More info and links to online versions of the articles please follow this LINK to Unicorn Tree Books Blog

Date: 06/05/2009

Lincoln Central Market was in the Lincoln Echo with a great article on the Market clock which after many years is now working again!
A copy of the article can be found by following this LINK to Unicorn Tree Books Blog

Date: 14/04/2009

The Market featured in a very good article in the Lincoln Echo today. Get your copy and read it. It is about how the Market is a great place to shop.
If you missed getting a copy of the echo for yourself you can read it online at the Unicorn Tree Books Blog: http://unicorntreebooks.blogspot.com.


A number of stalls, including Unicorn Tree Books, Al's Arts & Crafty Bits and Al's Pet Supplies will all be closed on Good Friday Bank Holiday as well as Easter Monday Bank Holiday.
Officially the Market will be open on Good Friday but will be closed on Easter Monday Bank Holiday.

The Market will also be closed on the May Bank Holiday Mondays - Monday 4th May & Monday 25th May.

Don't forget to celebrate St Georges Day on 23rd April.

Date: 12/01/2009

Unicorn Tree Books has relocated it's Church Supplies, Christian & Religious Books into the main stall of the Bookshop.

Although one would think that depreciating the number of units would result in a smaller number of books and goods being held, in fact due to the purchasing of new book units and a more professional approach to the design and fitting of the shop it has in fact resulted in more stock now being held. The religious section was able to expand by the equivalent of 4 full size bookcases and now has a slightly more comprehensive and merchandised selection of gifts, cards and of course books.

This has not been done at the detriment of the general fiction and again this has if anything become a better section with many new titles, imports and books much better displayed.

We would like to encourage all to come visit us, and we extend a walm welcome to churches to come use us and make us known to your congregations. Your support is invaluable.


Date: 14/11/2008


Lincoln Central Market Traders are dressing up as Cowboys, Bandits & Highway Robbers as we wear our Pudsey Bear Bandana's to raise money for Children in Need on Friday 14th November 2008! Come down and join us in the fun and spare a few pence to help pudsey and friends support Children in Need!
We will probably be acting even sillier than usual with the Bandana's in place and costumes on! - though it is doubtful that any real work will be done that day as they intend extorting as much money for Children In Need as possible with as much fun as possible! feel free to join in the fun or admire the silliness if you are in Lincoln!

Date: 16/08/2008

Christmas and New Year are swiftly here!

Unicorn Tree  Books now has in Diaries & Calenders for 2009, along with Church Lectionaries, Parson Pocket Books, Nativity plays, Nativity Sets, Cards & More!   They would also like to let people know they are offering a full order service of not just books, but DVD's too!

Meanwhile Al's Arts & Crafty Bits has had bumper stocks of Christmas Decoupage, peel-offs & embellishments for all those hardworking craft folk who like to make their own seasonal cards and greetings - however hurry up in as the decoupage is selling out exceptionally fast!

Date: 01/07/2008

We are pleased to welcome some new traders to the Market: 

Juliette is in with Fancy That - a fantastic Fancy Dress and Party Goods Supplies Stall, Hen & Stag Party supplies a speciality! See her in Stall 12, Thur-Sat!

MODS - for all gaming and console needs! Games, Consoles, Accessories, Repairs and Modifications along with lively patter are all part of the service from Tony & Simon on Stall 14!

Date: 28/04/2008

Unicorn Tree Books is continuing to expand its ambition to be the Niche Market Book Specialists in Lincoln! They are now stocking a range of LGBT Fiction.               They are also continuing to expand their American Imports and have a wide ranging and comprehensive section of Paranormal and Historical Romances in stock, as well as a large selection of Western's!

Date: 3/04/2008

Lincolnshire Trading Standards has set up a new initiative - The Code of Practice for Markets & Car Boot Fairs. Though aimed primarily at the Operators of Markets and Car Boot Fairs to ensure a uniform standard of compliance on the issue of illegal goods sold in these venues, the Lincoln NMTF Branch Committee would like to state that it welcomes this initiative wholeheartedly and believes it will be of great benefit to all Markets, Traders and Customers.

We whole heartedly agree with Lincolnshire Trading Standards statements that:  'By eradicating such trading practices a pleasant, safe and family friendly shopping environment is created that supports legitimate Lincolnshire businesses and traders.

The campaign to tackle anti-social behaviour will also be assisted by restricting the sale of illegal goods at the County’s markets and car boot fairs.                           By “illegal goods” we mean –




·        Age restricted goods which may be sold to under age people i.e. Alcohol,Tobacco, Knives, Imitation Firearms, BB Guns etc.




·        Counterfeit, or fake, goods – DVD’s, CD’s, computer games, clothing etc.


·        Unsafe, or dangerous, products.


·        Stolen goods.




The trade in illegal goods damages both consumers and businesses –


·        Consumers may unwittingly buy such goods which may be dangerous, defective or not even work at all



·        The livelihoods of local businesses and honest traders are unfairly affected. '


We believe that Central Market has always complied with principles such as those embodied in this code through its own self-regulation and the self policing of the traders within the Market, thus ensuring Central Market has always been and will continue to be a safe, fun and welcoming place to shop and work in - however we welcome any assistance we can get in safeguarding our businesses, our market and our customers and so we, the Traders in Central Market, are happy to welcome this new initiative by Lincolnshire Trading Standards.

Date: 2/04/2008

With the sad demise of first, Advance Books and now the SPCK/SSG Bookshop in Lincoln, we would like to announce that we, at Unicorn Tree Books, are selling Christian Books & Requisites, thus trying to honour the spirit of Advance Books & SPCK by returning Christian Books to the Market in which Advance Books started out over 50 years ago, and the SPCK's aim to be a witness in the heart of the city.

Before taking on Unicorn Tree Books, Melanie Carroll - the owner, spent 10 years working for SPCK Bookshops - and was manager of 3 of their stores in that time, London, Brighton & Lincoln, she was also their e-commerce website manager for 5 years.  Her heart for Christian Books didn't dissipate and she continues to be the Religious and Philosophy Previewer for Publishing News, and also on the Review Board of www.thegoodbookstall.org.uk, however she felt called to move on and into the Market and the general book trade.

However when Tim of Advance informed her of his closing down, and then with the changing times at SPCK and their stock ordering issues under the new ownership just before Christmas, we began carrying a range of Christian Books and church requisites such as Communion Wafers.

With the SPCK Bookshop now having been closed by the current owners of the bookshop, and the staff's employment terminated, this now leaves Unicorn Tree Bookshop as the sole remaining retailer in Lincoln of both Christian Books and Church Requisites.

We are saddened by the demise of these esteemed shops in the last 12 months, and only hope we can go some way to filling their shoes in the years ahead. We cannot stress enough our hopes and prayers for the staff who have been left without employment through these closures.

As with all our ranges we have signed up with the major wholesalers both in the UK & US, to ensure a range of excellent product at great prices (most books are at slightly less than the RRP wherever possible!) and as ever we do also offer an ordering service on books not held in stock and endeavour to provide all orders within 7 days of ordering, though in many cases we can provide orders within 3 days.

Please note that we already carry in stock a range of Communion Wafers, Candles, Incense, Church Stationery, Hymn & Service books, Christian Gifts, Jewellery, Witness pins, Rosaries, Cards & More! We also stock Daily Reading Notes and Sunday School Material - which we are ahppy to put on standing order! and for anything not in stock such as clerical shirts etc we are offering an order service for.  We are also stocking Book Dust Jacket Covers and Platic Books Jackets in many sizes!

Please do make contact with us to discuss your churches actual needs as it is our aim to render you the best service possible, but we need to know what you really want from us to be able to best provide it! We are small currently but with your help we hope to grow.


Date: 2/04/2008

New Stock In and selling fast at Materialize It!

New Halo Figures now in and out! New Doctor Who & Stargate Atlantis collectable figures in too! Also new in this week are new Star Wars Easy Fit Kits!

Date: 10/09/2007

Artist Supplies and One to One Art Tuition are now available from Stall 51 in the Market, and at Stall 50 'Ian's Hardware' is now offering a complimentary Framing Service! Wendy at Artists' Supplies is a talented watercolourist who is offering art tuition for £10.00 an hour, alongside this she is selling a range of fine art supplies, Watercolour, Oil & Acrylic Paints, Brushes, Papers & Boards, Easels etc. You can also see and buy Wendy's work at the stall, and she also takes on commision work!

This is welcomed as being very complimentary to the great range of Arts & Crafts Materials already sold at Al's Arts & Crafty Bits, Unit 3 Central Market. This is a haven for Card Makers, Papercrafters, Stampers, Scrapbookers and Beaders amongst other crafters! Al's probably has one of the largest ranges of Decoupage papers and Peel Off sticker designs in Lincoln! as well as carryiings Inks, glues, glitter, embellishments and more!

Also for budding or juniour artists Unicorn Tree Books at Units 35-40 sell and stock an amazingly large range of Paint by Numbers, including the new full canvas 'Paint Your Own Masterpiece' series incorporating designs from top Artists such as Thomas Kinkade! They also carry Engraving Art/Scraperfoils, Foil Arts and many more Art Kits and sets, as well as Colouring Books, 'how to' books on drawing, painting and crafts. A full range of Pens, Pencils, Markers, Chalks, Crayons, Pastels, Stationary and more are also stocked.

Date: 06/07/2007

Great News - Unicorn Tree Books is now stocking Christian Books!       With the sad demise of Advance Books in Lincoln, we have started to sell Christian Books, thus we are trying to honour the spirit of Advance Books by returning Christian Books to the Market in which Advance Books started out over 50 years ago.
Before taking on Unicorn Tree Books, Melanie - the owner, spent 10 years working for a large Christian Book Chain - SPCK Bookshops - and was manager of 3 of their stores in that time, London, Brighton & Lincoln, she was also their e-commerce website manager for 5 years.
Her heart for Christian Books didn't dissipate and she continues to be the Religious and Philosophy Previewer for Publishing News, and also be on the Review Board of www.thegoodbookstall.org.uk, however she felt called to move on and into the market and the general book trade.
However when Tim of Advance informed her of his closing down, just at the same time as she had just rejigged Unicorn Tree and found a space for more books, she felt sure this was the reason and answer as to what to fill that space with, and so it is that we are now carrying a range of Christian Books.
As with all our books we have signed up with the major wholesalers both in the UK & US, and also contacted remainder dealers to ensure a range of excellent product at great prices (most books are at slightly less than the RRP wherever possible!) and as ever we offer ordering services for anything we don't have in stock and for Hard to Find items.
So please support us as we bring Christian Books into the heart of the marketplace!

Date: 05/07/2007

Al's Arts & Crafty Bits now has its Christmas Craft stock out!

They have also recieved a parcel load of brand new decoupage including Hard Rock Fairies, Jazzi-kins, Orientals and more! You might well have seen these on Ideal World, Create & Craft or QVC, well we now have them in stock. Come in and Check them out, We guarantee there will be something to like!

Date: 07/06/2007

Al's Pets Stall in Central Market is an official collection and donation point for the Lincoln Swan Preservation Society.

You can donate food or coinage to help support the care and feeding of Lincoln's Swans. You can also buy Swan & Duck Pellets from Al's to enable you to feed the Swans and Ducks yourself! These pellets are a nutrionally complete food and are much better than bread! please note if youa re going to feed the Swans bread then please do not feed them white bread as this is very bad for them, only feed them wholemeal bread.

Date: 07/06/2007

Unicorn Tree Books is asking for Book Donations!

Over the coming summer months we are looking to try to raise over £100 for GOSH! Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children by taking books to car boot sales and fete's, as well as having a small selection of Gosh! thats good! books on the stall - to do this we need your help in providing us with your old unwanted books that you are willing to part with without credit back on them! If you ahve any like this can you please bring them in with a note marking them as GOSH BOOKS. Thanks.

Date: 28/05/2007

Please Note there is now a Giving4Charity INK Cartridge and Mobile Phone Recycle point at Unicorn Tree Books in Central Market.

A donation of £1.00 for each Inkjet Cartridge and up to £20.00 for Mobile Phones will be made to Habitat for Humanity (GB). Habitat for Humanity (GB) are active in building low cost but essential housing here in the UK and also abroad. Please remember us when you replace your Cartridges or Mobile Phones and help give without cost to a worthwhile charity!

Date: 30/04/2007

There are empty units in Central Market currently available for rent. If you are interested then pease feel free to contact any member of the Market Committee to find out a little more about Central Market to aid you in your decision to join our community. We are a Natonal Market Traders Federation Branch Market and would love to extend a welcome to you and help you to settle in. All of the Committee members have stalls on the market and work it daily, so are in a good positon to tell you more about the market and its customer base. Committee Members are listed in the About section of this site.  For up to date information on individual units available and rents please contact Claire Greaves at Lincoln City Council - her details are listed in the Team Pages in the About Section.

Support this website and Shop at our A-Shop!

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